Specialty Naturopathic Consultations

I provide a well informed and balanced natural approach to your medical concerns.  I spend an hour getting to know your full medical picture and mapping out a path toward wellness that may include herbal and nutritional medicine as well as any of the treatments described below.  Please read my bio to get a sense of the type of medicine I practice.

Primary Care

I accept a limited number of patients for primary care.  This would include annual exams, required blood work tests, and truly preventative medical care. Naturopathic physicians have full prescriptive rights as well as extensive training in natural approaches to common ailments (upper respiratory tract infections, stomach bugs, sports injuries, etc).

Supplement Reviews

Is there anything missing in your supplements regimen that would be beneficial to you?  Is there anything dangerous in the brand of supplement you are taking?  Does your supplement actually contain what it says it does?  For this, its best if you email me your supplement list beforehand. It will save time when we meet.

Nutritional Counseling

The top three killer diseases affecting Americans today are nutrition related (diabetes, stroke, cancer).  Do you want a targeted nutritional treatment to impact a particular health condition? Examples include weight loss, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Sessions  offer personalized, gentle counseling on making healthful changes in eating habits.  This can include home visits and grocery store guidance.


Acupuncture is a time-tested technique that can be quite effective for complaints that have not responded to conventional treatment.  Especially helpful in injury recovery, chronic pain conditions, gastrointestinal distress, and women’s health.  I received my masters degree and practice in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style of acupuncture.


Have you found it difficult to change certain behaviors in your life? Hypnotherapy gets at some of the deeper lying psycho-emotional reasons for dysfunction.   This approach could be beneficial for addressing smoking cessation, weight loss, low mood, and chronic pain.  I have over 50 hours of training in hypnosis with Dr. Mary Lee Labay. 

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