Urban Herb Walks

  • Next Urban Herb Walk will take place Sunday 9/16/12 at 10 am.  location at Carceek park.  http://www.seattle.gov/parks/environment/carkeek.htm Lets meet in  front of the center pictured on this link.
  • Dress warmly for today’s herb walk.  We are still on 🙂
  • Next Urban Herb Walk is scheduled for Sunday 7/15/12 at 10am.  Location at Mathews beach http://www.seattle.gov/parks/park_detail.asp?id=347.  We’ll meet on the lake side of the building with the restrooms. 
  • Next Herb Walk  is scheduled for 6/10/12 at 10am. We will be meeting in front of Cowen Park Grocery (http://cowenparkgrocery.com/) to take a 1 hour walk through Ravenna park and continue our series on medicine from the herbs under your feet!
  • Come learn the medicinal qualities (and other fun facts) about herbs growing right under your feet! Join us in the parking lot of Gasworks park for a nice walk and and hour of learning next Saturday morning 5/5/12 at 10am  Herb_Walk

2 Responses to Urban Herb Walks

  1. nelly says:

    I wonder if you also give mushroom walk?

    • drbaum says:

      Unfortunately not. I am not as knowledgeable about local mushrooms as I am about herbs. But,the Seattle mycological society puts on great events and walks.

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